Sums Summer time Adventure Camp


Here at Surrey Urban Mission Society it isn’t officially Summer until we hear the yelling, laughing, giggling squealing sounds bouncing and echoing off the walls. That’s how we know that Day camp has begun, and thus our Summer Adventure.

This year we have four amazing new head Leaders, Morgan, Shelly, Paulina and Tabby and if I do say so myself they have out done themselves with all the adventures they have planned.

June 30th-July 4th Art Attack: The kids will engage in Paint Wars, learn 3D Chalk Art, and enjoy Theater Sports.

July 7th-11th – All about Nature: The kids will take an amazing tour of Lynn Canyon, followed by a phenomenal nature based Scavenger Hunt. 

July 14th-July 18th – Around the World in Seven daysIndia, china, South Africa, France and Canada – the time will fly by so fast the kids won’t know what hit them.

July 21 – July 25th Celebrating Super Hero’s: Batman and Spiderman take on the Surrey RCMP and Fire Fighters to battle it out in epic battle of Superhero Supremacy. Who will win? Join us to find out. 

Each week is set up to be both fun and educational. Children are placed into 4 separate cabins with each cabin ranging in ages from five to thirteen. The older children get the opportunity to learn some responsibility for their younger counterparts and the younger children get the chance to meet kids they can look up to. 

Between Volunteers, Staff, Leaders, Leaders in training it sure is learning towards a seriously fun and busy Summer.

For more information contact Tabby, Paulina, Shelly or Morgan at 604-581-5172 or shoot us an email at [email protected]

We are located at 10776 King George Highway, Surrey BC right next to Aaron s Furniture. 

CAMPERSHIPS: Sponsor a Camper and Change a Child’s Life

 Every year there is one or two children who simply cannot afford to go to camp. Imagine for a moment being that child who in September doesn’t have an “My Amazing Summer” story.

You could change a child’s entire year by donating $50.00 to sponsor a child and give them the adventure of a life time. 

For more information contact 604-581-5172 or an e-mail to [email protected]

If you would like to donate, click the link below to see the items we desperately need.

Paint (tempera, acrylic, fabric)

Badminton racquets/birdies


Beads (wooden and plastic)




Clear plastic cups

Construction paper

Cotton balls

Cricket supplies

Duct tape

Elastic rubber bands

Empty pop bottles

Empty water bottles





Flashlights (20)

Gluesticks (80)

HDMI cable

Henna ink

Keychain loops

Kiddie pool

Kleenex boxes

Long wrapping paper roll tubes



Masking tape

Medical kits/toy doctor sets


Paper plates

Plastic bags


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