How To Make A Tea And Serve It

Kick start your day with a cup of tea! It’s a delicious drink with lots of health benefits that has been popular for centuries. When properly made, a cup of tea can warm the heart of any tea lover. But if it's prepared incorrectly, tea can also end up bitter or tasteless. Following some tried and true tips in brewing and serving brings out the flavors and health benefits of tea. Here are some simple steps to improving your brew.

Things You'll Need


Serving tea can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. I prefer to use smaller cups or mugs. Everyone likes their tea differently so make sure your guests have lots of options by putting sugar, artificial sweetener, honey, lemon, cream and milk on the table. Don’t mix milk or cream with lemon in your tea, or it will curdle. Add milk to the cup before the tea to prevent the milk from scalding.