BC Lions Paul Mccallum To Join CNOY

Screenshot_6Every year  at SUM Place we serve hundreds of people – needing a meal, a place to live or someone to talk to. We work with people of all races, creeds, nationalities, orientations, sizes, colors and religious beliefs. We believe in helping our neighbors no matter where they come from, no matter their economic background.

We help not because we have to, but because we can’t not.

The “Coldest Night Of The Year” event is an opportunity for our volunteers to invite their friends and families to join us, learn about our Mission and experience for a few hours what our friends and neighbors experience every day of their lives. This year we invited McCallum from the BC lions to join us and we are pleased he has agreed to WALK with us.

Paul McCallum will join hundreds of our closest volunteers and friends in walking to raise awareness about Homelessness and Poverty in Surrey.

The ‘Coldest Night of the Year Walk’ is now held in 81 communities across Canada, including 19 in B.C.  To donate, volunteer or sponsor a walker contact the Surrey Urban Mission at 604-581-5172 or check out our CNOY page Here.

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