Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Deco-Mesh-Christmas-Tree-798So much is happening here at the Mission right now. This is the Coldest time of the year for many of our friends so as you know our Extreme Weather Shelter program has begun. We’ve got our Christmas trees all set up and our decorations hanging. Our friends are excited to awake on Christmas Morning to see what Santa and his beautiful elves will bring as we are equally excited to work with Santa to give our homeless friends the best Christmas ever.

ThisĀ our third year doing the Coldest Night of the Year challenge and we are excited to invite all of our friends, neighbors, volunteers, colleagues, and family members to join us and experience for one evening, what our friends experience every day of their lives.

Please head on over to our “Coldest Night of the Year” blog to check out our progress so far and join in the fun. You can donate, start a team or join a team. Every step counts to not only bringing awareness to the issue of homelessness and poverty, but eventually ending it all together.

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